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October 10th Fruit Sale Begins

Thursday November 5th Concert Band Rehearsal (Sectionals) 6-8:15pm

Thursday November 6th Fruit Sale Paper Forms Due

Monday November 11th Honor Band Rehearsal 7-8:30pm

Thursday November 14th Concert Band Rehearsal 7-8:00pm

Monday November 18th Honor Band Rehearsal 7-8:30pm

Thursday November 21st Concert Band Rehearsal 7-8:00pm

Monday November 25th Honor Band Rehearsal 7-8:30pm 

Monday December 2nd Honor Band Rehearsal 7-8:30pm

Wednesday December 5th Concert Band Rehearsal 7-8:3 pm

Saturday December 7th Fruit Sale Delivery 7am BHS Cafeteria

Saturday December 8th NJMEA Auditions JP Stevens High School (only students auditioning)

Wednesday December 11th Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal Concert Band 4-7pm

Thursday December 12th BHS Winter Concert 7pm

January 14th Spring Musical Rehearsals Begin (pit orchestra members only)

Wednesday February 19th Anaheim Trip Concert Band Rehearsal 7-8:30pm

Monday February 24th Anaheim Trip Concert Band Rehearsal 7-8:30pm

March 6-8 BHS Spring Musical (pit orchestra members only)

Tuesday March 10th Anaheim Trip Concert Band Rehearsal & Meeting 6-8:30pm

Thursday March 12th-Tuesday March 17th BHS Band Trip to Anaheim, CA

April 25th Crimson Cafe, 6pm BHS Performing Arts Center

Thursday May 2nd BHS Concert Band Rehearsal 6:30-7:30pm

Thursday May 9th BHS Concert Band Rehearsal 6:30-7:30pm

Thursday May 16th BHS Concert Band Rehearsal 6:30-7:30pm

Wednesday May 20th Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal 1:00-3:00pm

Thursday May 21st BHS Band and Orchestra Spring Concert 7pm

Thursday June 18th BHS Graduation 7pm

Grading and Assignments

Preparing assigned repertoire (Daily, including concert band and wind ensemble parts

Rehearsal Focus and Productivity (Daily, including full ensemble and sectionals)

Smart Music Assignments

Completing jazz transcriptions (1 Transcription each Semester)

Improvisation: Mastery of scales, chords & arpeggios (Major, Minor, Modes)

Attending all scheduled rehearsals and performances

A noticeable desire to improve your skills every day

Writing reviews of jazz articles and concerts


Bernards High School Jazz Ensemble Grading Information

MUSICAL GROWTH:  Students will receive a grade for their individual musical growth each quarter.  The grade will be based on student preparation, musical improvement, and participation in rehearsal.    

EVENING REHEARSAL ATTENDANCE:  Attendance at all scheduled evening rehearsals is expected. Students with school-related conflicts such as athletic events must communicate those conflicts to Mr. Trumpy no later than 1 week prior to the rehearsal.

PERFORMANCE PARTICIPATION:  Attendance at all scheduled jazz and concert band performance events including the winter concert, spring concert, and the graduation performance is mandatory.  

TESTING:  Students are tested individually at the end of each marking period for scale and repertoire proficiency.  Testing may also include transcriptions, written tests on elements such as music vocabulary, rhythms, music theory and music history.

SECTIONALS:  Sectionals will be run on occasion within the band class.  Sections will be instructed to rehearse repertoire, scales, chamber music or other specific assignments.  Students will be graded on time-on-task and overall performance.

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