Music Technology

Fall Semester projects 

12 Bar Song

GOAL: Compose a 12 bar (measure) song in Garageband.  Explore the Garageband loops and understand how to navigate the different loop categories.

36 Bar Song

GOAL: Compose a 36 bar song that follows the following form: Intro, Verse I, Verse II, Chorus, Outro

Favorite Band Podcast

GOAL: A 4 – 7 minute podcast featuring a profile of your favorite band or musician.

MIDI Remix

GOAL: Using Garageband, you will make your own new arrangement of a public domain Baroque or Classical period keyboard work. A successful project will exhibit elements of thoughtful arranging/orchestration (such as “layering”), as well as an understanding of the concept of musical fusion.

Musique Concrete

GOAL: Using a collection of sounds including the NASA sound bank, sounds from a subway station, general transportation sounds or your own recordings of “found” sounds; create a musical composition in the style of music concrete.  

Batman Audiobook

GOAL: To add a creative blend of sound effects and music that reflect and enhance the narration.

Sound Design

GOAL: Create sound design for a one minute scene including ambient sound, sound effects, music, and foley.

Sound Design

GOAL: Create sound design for a movie trailer.  The sound design will include ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement), Sound Effects, Foley, Atmospherics (Ambient Sound) and Music.