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BHS Music Technology I & II introduces students to the theory and fundamentals of using software and hardware tools for producing music (including desktop PC, waveform editor, multi-track recording software, synthesizer keyboard, signal processing plugins, computer music notation software, microphone technique, sound design and the history of electronic music). The class will stress application and creative content, using a series of creative activities and projects which introduce students to performing with electronic instruments, multi-track recording (both MIDI sequencing and live instruments), music arranging, generating performance materials for others (typesetting music), and equipment configuration.

This course is a hands-on, applied class delivering to class members an experience with five music and/or video software applications: iTunes (for playback, mastering, and burning), Audacity (waveform audio editor), GarageBand (Entry-level Digital Audio Workstation), Final Cut Pro and iMovie (video Editing). These programs represent a large portion of the types of things musicians are doing with music technology at this time, and span in sophistication from entry-level to professional. Although there will be some flexibility to work ahead, this course can only cover beginning to intermediate types of operations.

Most of the course work will be applied, but some theory will be presented in order to explain some of the terms and operations in which we engage.